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Dual Enrollment

Glen Oaks Community College Dual Enrollment at Colon High School

Beginning with the 2020-2021 school year, Colon High School will be offering Dual Enrollment classes that align with GOCC’s Associate’s Degree in General Studies.

In a two year rotation, students can stay on Colon’s campus and complete 8 of 13 courses towards an Associate’s Degree!  GOCC courses to be offered:

YEAR 1 ROTATION: ENG 121 - English Composition I (FALL Semester, EVEN Year)

                                   HIST 101 - Western Civilization I (FALL Semester, EVEN Year)

                                   ENG 122 - English Composition II (WINTER Semester, ODD Year)

                                   ART 100 - Art Appreciation (WINTER Semester, ODD Year)

YEAR 2 ROTATION: COM 110 - Interpersonal Communication (FALL Semester, ODD Year)

                                   PSY 100 - Psychology (FALL Semester, ODD Year)

                                   COM 150 - Public Speaking (WINTER Semester, EVEN Year)

                                   SOC 120 - Principles of Sociology (WINTER Semester, EVEN Year)

This leaves students with only 5 courses to take after CHS.  Additionally, these courses transfer to four-year colleges and universities.

This is a fantastic opportunity